Dare to share

Meet the ETC Holland team. Every day we work hard to connect the right people in a transparent and efficient manner. We don’t strive to be the biggest, but rather the most reliable and flexible bulk partner possible. Dare to share; that’s our motto, because we are convinced that sharing leads to an increase in your investment. 
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Erik Smits

+31 (0) 412.660690

Gertjan van den Berg
Operational Director

+31 (0) 412.660690

Natasja van Schaijk
Quality manager

+31 (0) 412.660690

Robin Arts

+31 (0) 412.660690

Marijn van Hoeij

Maikel Jaegers
Forwarding / Planning

Remco Groen
Customer Service

Coen van Dinther
Financial controller

+31 (0) 412.660690

Nancy van Dinther
Finance Department

Ellen van Schaijik

Roza van Ravenstein
Finance Department

Renata Timmerman
Inside sales

Shivani Geuns
Communication & social media

+31 (0) 412.660690

Joran Smits

+31 (0) 412.660690

Thijmen van Donzel

+31 (0) 412.660690

What is your drive?

Are you a freelance driver with valid certificates and the necessary equipment? Then we would love to hear what drives you to potentially work for us. Maybe we can help you on your road.