Keen partners

Wonder what our partners think about our collaboration? Below are some enthusiastic reviews. Do you have any questions after reading these reviews, or would you like to become acquainted with ETC Holland? Please feel free to contact us!

“Great collaboration through reactivity and flexibility”

“ETC Holland is our largest partner in bulk transport. They ship goods from our own warehouse, or directly from the supplier, to our customers. This transportation is primarily aimed at the Benelux, Germany and France. But, if I suddenly ask them if they can drive to Spain tomorrow, they will arrange that as well.

The evolution of logistics is heading more and more toward digital processes. That creates great advantages. However, a system doesn’t solve problems; we still need people for that. When it comes down to it, we at Ravago prefer to use the phone. At ETC, they use the same approach; we attach great importance to that.

Collaborating with ETC Holland is extremely pleasant due to their reactivity and flexibility. Both are important, because a quick ‘no’ buys me nothing”.

Paul Mollen, Logistics Roadmanager, Ravago Group

“Personal values and standards first”

We have 16 carriers with trailers for dry bulk in our own unique style. The daily schedule and management of the drivers is completely handled by ETC. This totally eliminates our stress. Because we drive multiple trucks with them, we are able to maintain our own identity, and that is crucial for a family company which is proud of its own equipment.

The drivers at ETC are not numbers but people. The wishes of the drivers are taken into account, such as the operating hours and the destinations to which they must drive. At ETC, personal values and standards come first, just as they do for us.”

Roelof Redder, Owner, Redder Transport