Working with ETC Holland

‘Tackling and thinking in solutions’

Within the vision of ETC Holland are values and norms whose growth is based on quality, and which determine our company culture. Our motto is ‘dare to share; it will lead to an increase in your investment’. Values which we have thereby agreed upon are to: work transparently, take satisfaction in minor and major success, admit errors, and more importantly, solve them, be proud of the organization, cooperate, and trust in each other! These are characteristics we want to see reflected in our staff, suppliers, and customers.

The mood we work hard to achieve in our company is to: tackle and think in solutions, be strong in appearance, be flexible in solving issues, and create calm to withstand the chaos.

Your drive?

Are you the partner with valid certificates and the necessary equipment? Or do you want to strengthen the office staff of TEAM ETC Holland? Then we would love to hear what drives you to potentially work for us.

Drive to perform

The bulk transport market is characterized by fluctuations in volume, changing destinations, and a recurring imbalance.  Through a combination of our own materials and a permanent group of  transport partners, along with return flows throughout all of Europe, we have created a flexible capacity and are thereby able to navigate the currents in the market. Short lines and direct communication are our trademarks.

ETC Holland offers a solution to all your transport needs, at any time, under any circumstance. This can mean either permanent contracts for transport flows, agreements on the basis of spot traffic, or last minute solutions. A project-based approach to a fixed flow is also possible. By using our own equipment, subleasing to third parties, or having stable fixed flows, an economically feasible solution can always be found.